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It's an age old secret


Jaromir Jagr has been using skate weights since the beginning of time. Here is he has to say about his, ours are no different.


Ask The Kids


Aydan and Ryan from Chicago now Arizona break down the unboxing of their new PowerSk8r™ skate weights 2018! in 2023 Ryan recently moved to PA to play for the Jr. Philly's at U16. Ayden is a freshman playing on the Varsity team on the Bobcats.

5X Champs  PowerSk8r!

Terry Brooks makes PowerSk8r™ skate weights a requirement for the girls on his team. They have a reputation of dominating the 3rd period and now you know their secret.  He Mercy ended 9 games in one season by the end of the 2nd period.

Terry Brooks



Tim Zimmerman 


PowerSk8r Drills with Coach Brooks: #1


MLK Weekend Mid-Florida Meltdown Tournament

 Kids can't wear them in a tournament, so I asked a referee to wear them for one hour. WATCH HIS RESPONSE

Skate Faster or Money Back



How to put PowerSk8r Skate Weight on the skate