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Push and Touch - Skate Low, Hips Low

Coach Brooks explains that players who stand up between strides are not conserving their energy efficiently. 

It is very important for players to skate low and keep their hips low.

Wearing PowerSk8r™ Skate weights will help build the leg muscle to stay lower, longer. 

Push and Glide - One Hand on Stick

Coach Brooks recommends this drill for skaters who need to build muscle in their thigh and legs.

Take a few strides to gain some speed, bend one leg at 90 degrees, extend other leg out parallel, (make sure blade is running smooth and there is no friction with extended skate on ice) and hold as long as possible. 

Remember to keep stick on one hand and extended in front of player - NOT to the side. 

Fore/Aft Arms - NOT Side to Side

Coach Brooks demonstrates how power is generated from forward momentum.   

Forward and backwards motions with arms is important at all times. Never let arms stray to the side while skating. 


Utilizing Both Edges During a Turn

Coach Brooks demonstrates how players need to use their inside AND outside edges when making turns on the ice. 

Bend to 90 degrees on inside knee and leg to emphasis extension of outside leg to encourage proper use of inside/ outside edges.

This will help elongate the leg to engage the use of the inside edge.

NO MORE RUNNERS! - Skates Out, Arms In!

Runners push their elbows out to the side and push skates directly behind them.  This is exactly the OPPOSITE of what they should be doing. 

Instead, move arms back and front and push skates out to the side. REMEMBER - start the stride from the center of body so no energy is lost! 

Parents watch for runners on the ice! 

The Tick Drill - Keep Control

The Tick Drill exaggerates keeping the skates low to the ground.  

After leg extension, do not let skate lift up. Pull it back as close to the ice as possible.  Bring the skate back to the center of your body and REPEAT!

It is important not to waste energy by lifting the leg too high in between strides.  

Power Pulls - Balancing on Edges

This is the drill to learn how to properly balance on your edges without shoulders coming forward.

WARNING- this drill is very difficult and will take a great amount of practice to perfect. 


Nose over Toes Stride - Start From Center of Body

If you notice your player skating with a wide stride, remind them to bring their skates all the way under their nose on the recovery.  

The Center of the body is where the magic happens - from the core!

This will lead to expelling less energy and skating faster during sprints.

Hockey Stops - Can Your Player Stop Both Ways?

Does your player know how to stop on both sides? Sounds silly but many kids get lazy and don't properly utilize their edges resulting in lack of control during games. 

Sit into skate with knees bent to emphasis control.

Coach Brooks demonstrates a simple drill to get your player properly using the correct edges while stopping. 

The Swizzle - Side to Side Legs

Coach Brooks teaches players how to practice elongating their legs to the side without their shoulders coming over their knees. 

Push skates to the side, not forward to backward and extend your stride all the way until the leg is straight. 

He also breaks down the importance of the upper body staying still (not bouncing up and down).